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I wish my government and politicians would stop giving status updates and long messages to the people of Denmark on Facebook and Twitter, and instead had their own instance on the internet like Mastodon or similar.

Government and politicians in Denmark! Get together now and use the Internet which is the place for communication to the population, and not in Big-Tech's walled gardens.

My advice to the new citizens of Mastodon. First of all: Welcome! Thank you for being around.

Find at least one interesting profile by going through their timeline. Have a look at their followers and who they follow. Follow them all :) You can always unfollow later. Give it a bit of time. You don’t have to frantically check your timeline. Once a day or even a week is the better approach. You’ll be surprised how a slow but steady approach results in a fascinating timeline. Hope this helps!

Gonna set up Earthzilla to save the environment. We’re going to be funded by half a billion dollars from ExxonMobil every year.

Y’all are going to absolutely love us, I can tell!

#earthzilla #mozilla

Me: Mozilla exists because it gets half a billion dollars from Google for allowing them to violate your privacy by default on their browser.

Folks: what nefarious conspiracy theory is this?



Markéta Všelichová from the Czech Republic was imprisoned 4 years by Turkey for delivering humanitarian aid to Kurdistan.
Now has released a book about the experience, "We fought for humanity".

No matter where there is war, it's so awful. I wish for peace all over the world!

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Mastodon admins!

You can tweak your instance theme so that it highlights media which do not have a text description:

A lot of people use Mastodon through audio from screen readers, so it is important to encourage your users to add text descriptions to images.

(The theme is made by @balrogboogie and @FiXato , and thank you to @Mayana for letting me know about the theme!)

#MastoTips #Mastodon #MastoAdmin #FediTips #Fediverse #Accessibility #A11y #CSS #Themes

When I think back on web1, it was about ethics, morality and people. Today we have web2 it's mostly about assholes and political blah, blah, blah ... Freedom, rules and power are difficult to reconcile.

The Internet (WWW) has been around for about 30+ years and I'm still amazed that many people still do not know what a Browser or URL is.
However, they have no problems getting in touch with Meta (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Youtube etc. and still do not see the consequences and are fine with being tapped for privacy on these platforms.

Join us for our Small Is Beautiful live stream this Thursday at 5PM Irish time.

Topic: web3 is bullshit (long live web0) and wtf is NodeKit?

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #web0

Well.... Haven't they not just done some spam software part of their original open source code which is proprietary? Then it can probably not be called "Fully open-source" anymore. 🤔

"You received this email because you subscribed to emails from 1Password about resources and security advice."

Yes sure i did!
But back in 2008 i signed up as an private person, and now 13 years later, i only get business related mails. I think the time has come to say goodbye to delightful 1password which have served me well all those years, but it seems to me that they is about to drop/don't care about their private users anymore.

"Apple filed a lawsuit in California against Israeli spyware company NSO Group for allegedly facilitating surveillance of Apple users"

"Privacy is Apple’s brand"

I do not agree with that. Did they not just try to introduce 'side scanning', of pictures and messages? They did.
Fuck they forget quickly!

Small Technology Foundation is live streaming (Small is Beautiful) with @laura and @aral in about one hour, twenty minutes at 5PM Kilkenny (Irish Time, UTC +0)

I'am so ready

I do not understand cryptocurrency or nft.
So lucky me, there are two less things I need to worry about.

There are humans and then there are fuckers!
Big companies, big-tech and politicians are fuckers who fuck us all over, again and again.
Well, I'd better keep my mouth shut for the rest of the day. I think I'm having a bad day, today.

i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

I'm not sure I see it as a privacy feature or a privacy concern, but okay, maybe it's just me who does not really trust Apple anymore.

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