I see the EU has failed to do away with the archaic ritual of fiddling with the clocks for yet another year.

Psst, did you hear, daylight savings time was created by commies who hate the single market. Pass it on…

(You know, it’s worth a try.)


No, they do not, they fools. How hard can it be?
What worries me most about it is that there is obviously a majority among most EU countries, to get an agreement where we have summer time all year round, which to me is wrong.
There is only one real time, and it is natural time, which is based on our planet turning around, the sun rising and the sun going down, we can not change that, it is the cycle of life.

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@lightmat @aral I have an evil suspicion that the "summer time all year round" advocates think they will have summer all year round. And come down to earth very hard in the first winter when it doesn't get properly light until 10am (or later depending on your latitude).

@irina @lightmat I really don’t care which one they pick as long as they pick one and stick to it instead of I introducing a one-hour timezone different bi-annually for shits and giggles :)

@aral @lightmat I'm STRONGLY in favour of "winter" time all year, which is after all only about half an hour off the natural time where I live.

@aral @irina
If we follow summer time all year round, we disturb nature and the animals in it, at worst, killing them, and I do not think that is right.
Just as we humans want to be free, the rest of this world's beings are probably also entitled to it.
I believe we must follow the natural ecosystem, otherwise we will continue to destroy this planet.

@lightmat @aral @irina And we also forget that our own nature is being cut from natural rhythms.

For whoever reads that, I live strongly shifted (towards night), so I don't judge that. Just, I feel it more right to be centered closer to the mid-day (even if we happen to be ourselves shifted from the society schedules ;)

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