"Apple filed a lawsuit in California against Israeli spyware company NSO Group for allegedly facilitating surveillance of Apple users"

"Privacy is Apple’s brand"

I do not agree with that. Did they not just try to introduce 'side scanning', of pictures and messages? They did.
Fuck they forget quickly!


I'm not sure I see it as a privacy feature or a privacy concern, but okay, maybe it's just me who does not really trust Apple anymore.

"For Apple Pay Visa, the researchers were able to craft messages that resulted in fraudulent payments from a locked iPhone to any EMV shop reader, for any amount. The tests were made for payments up to £1,000 (roughly US$ 1,350). Mastercard is stricter, requiring readers to have a transit merchant code before allowing this functionality."

Dear Apple,
I don't think you have read our critique of you correctly. We asked you to stop messing with our privacy and instead you now telling us, that you have listened, and therefore postponed your invasion of our privacy.
Do you even think, that it should make a difference, in what we think about you? I hardly think so.

I'm having a hard time seeing how users should be able to trust Apple again, even if they cancel CSAM.
Already now they have violated our faith in them.
Just because they still want to be transparent about what they have planned does not make them a better company.

"Apple believes its on-device implementation of CSAM detection is far better than the server-side implementations used by other companies."

-and that makes it okay. Yeah right Apple.


So when Apple announces from the start that it intends to make a backdoor in its operating systems, then is it ok to make such a move, and compatible with what they have so far maintained as being one of their core values, regarding privacy?


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