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"Great features should not have to come at the expense of your privacy. iOS 15 provides increased visibility into how apps access your data, protects you from unwanted data collection, and gives you more control over what you choose to share."


Dansk oversættelse fra Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF](

Apple har opgivet sit engang berømte engagement i sikkerhed og privatliv.
Den næste version af iOS indeholder software, der scanner brugernes fotos og beskeder.
Det sker efter pres fra den Amerikanske regering, og derfor har Apple lagt en bagdør i deres krypteringssystem.

Fortæl Apple via. Electronic Frontier Foundation, at det vil vi ikke finde os i.


As the scope of scan-worthy crimes expands, so do Internet of Snitches capabilities. Streaming media services would be motivated to search for DMCA violations on your devices. Your car could report when you parked illegally or disobeyed the speed limit (there are already proposals to mandate new cars scan you for impairment or for children left in the car). Your smart irrigation system could detect whenever you watered your lawn in violation of water conservation orders…

So when Apple announces from the start that it intends to make a backdoor in its operating systems, then is it ok to make such a move, and compatible with what they have so far maintained as being one of their core values, regarding privacy?

Hello Fediverse, Hello world
Just a little to say hello to you all.
Hope that the decentralized social media gains more ground in the future around the world so that we no longer have to feel trapped and tied to the current centralized, surveillance, data harvesting mainstream social media .

Hej Fediverse, Hej verden
Bare en lille for at sige hej til jer alle.
Håber at de decentrale sociale medier vinder større indpas fremadrettet i hele verden så vi ikke længere skal føle os fanget og bundet til de nuværende centraliserede, overvågnings, data høstende mainstream sociale medier.


Fremtidens sociale netværk: Ingen annoncer, ingen virksomhedsovervågning, etisk design og decentralisering! Du ejer dine data med Mastodon!