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I marvel every day at how much we humans love labels.
We label our food with "Organic" which is the natural choice, although we know that we should label the food grown using pesticides with "may contain traces of pesticides", just as we label tobacco with "harmful to health"

Bad social media gives you an audience: stuff like reach, personality/celebrity, spectacle, anxiety, alienation, competition.

Good social media gives you community: it’s more like voice, agency, discussion, comradery.

I want a community, not an audience.

In connection with privacyweek, I just saw @laura 'People might actually use this' (re-live) talk about, among other things, accessibility and privacy.
Very good talk and very informative, has at least opened my eyes a lot more for accessibility and assistive software.
All things that I should have known more about by now.

Looking forward to @aral 'Big Tech is a virus, Small Tech is the vaccine' talk tonight at. 19.00 Austrian time.

I wish my government and politicians would stop giving status updates and long messages to the people of Denmark on Facebook and Twitter, and instead had their own instance on the internet like Mastodon or similar.

Government and politicians in Denmark! Get together now and use the Internet which is the place for communication to the population, and not in Big-Tech's walled gardens.

#Facebook plans to change its name as part of company rebrand – report

Dear #Fediverse, this is the opportunity we get once in a lifetime -- we can suggest a new name for Facebook!

Quick first ideas:
- Failbook
- The Antisocial Network
- Zuckity
- Tire-All Corporation
- Aperture Data Science

"For Apple Pay Visa, the researchers were able to craft messages that resulted in fraudulent payments from a locked iPhone to any EMV shop reader, for any amount. The tests were made for payments up to £1,000 (roughly US$ 1,350). Mastercard is stricter, requiring readers to have a transit merchant code before allowing this functionality."

Just thinking. 🤔
If Facebook could disappear for 6 hours on Monday, then maybe it could disappear forever now on Monday. I feel lucky!

Fediverse suits me so well. Have been on the other mainstream platforms, it's just never really been a match for me.
After a long break from the social platforms, I finally got on Mastodon and it's so cool and feels so real and genuine. Just hoping the future will reduce the big instances to some smaller ones so we don’t end up with a similar scenario as we see on the mainstream today. My highest wish is that it will be easier for people to be able to install and operate an instance themselves.

Dear Apple,
I don't think you have read our critique of you correctly. We asked you to stop messing with our privacy and instead you now telling us, that you have listened, and therefore postponed your invasion of our privacy.
Do you even think, that it should make a difference, in what we think about you? I hardly think so.

@arh Privacy is the right to decide what you keep to yourself and what you share with others. You have zero privacy on Google’s platforms because you don’t have the right to not share with Alphabet, Inc.

Denne dokumentar beskriver rigtig godt at Big-Tech er ret så ødelæggende for os alle.
Der må være mange der ikke har set den, ellers havde de nok en anden holdning til mainstream sociale medier, eller også er de bare ligeglade.

This documentary describes very well that Big-Tech is pretty devastating for all of us.
There must be many who have not seen it, otherwise they probably had a different attitude to mainstream social media, or else they just do not care.

Overvågning er ikke meningen med et frit liv!
Skriv under, så du er med til at gøre en forskel!

Surveillance is not the meaning of a free life!
Sign so you can make a difference!

I'm having a hard time seeing how users should be able to trust Apple again, even if they cancel CSAM.
Already now they have violated our faith in them.
Just because they still want to be transparent about what they have planned does not make them a better company.

"Apple believes its on-device implementation of CSAM detection is far better than the server-side implementations used by other companies."

-and that makes it okay. Yeah right Apple.


"Great features should not have to come at the expense of your privacy. iOS 15 provides increased visibility into how apps access your data, protects you from unwanted data collection, and gives you more control over what you choose to share."


Dansk oversættelse fra Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF](

Apple har opgivet sit engang berømte engagement i sikkerhed og privatliv.
Den næste version af iOS indeholder software, der scanner brugernes fotos og beskeder.
Det sker efter pres fra den Amerikanske regering, og derfor har Apple lagt en bagdør i deres krypteringssystem.

Fortæl Apple via. Electronic Frontier Foundation, at det vil vi ikke finde os i.


As the scope of scan-worthy crimes expands, so do Internet of Snitches capabilities. Streaming media services would be motivated to search for DMCA violations on your devices. Your car could report when you parked illegally or disobeyed the speed limit (there are already proposals to mandate new cars scan you for impairment or for children left in the car). Your smart irrigation system could detect whenever you watered your lawn in violation of water conservation orders…

So when Apple announces from the start that it intends to make a backdoor in its operating systems, then is it ok to make such a move, and compatible with what they have so far maintained as being one of their core values, regarding privacy?

Hello Fediverse, Hello world
Just a little to say hello to you all.
Hope that the decentralized social media gains more ground in the future around the world so that we no longer have to feel trapped and tied to the current centralized, surveillance, data harvesting mainstream social media .

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